At Turner Metal Fabrication, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of excellence in all the services we offer, from design and fabrication through to installation and maintenance. Our expertise and equipment allows us to offer a quality range of services for any project.

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From simple gates and balustrades to complex custom products, efficient and functional design is the key to keeping the costs of production, operation and maintenance low.

Explain your vision to us and our experienced CAD drawing and CNC programming specialists will turn that vision into a practical, applicable blueprint.


With Turner Metal Fabrication for your project will be handled by a highly trained team. With our skills, our knowledge and craftmanship togther with our production processes of cutting, bending, welding and finishing we can provide all in house.

Put simply, our combination of the right skills, the right knowledge and the right machinery under one roof allows us to perform such a broad range of bending, welding and cutting tasks that virtually all our products are manufactured in-house. That makes us your one-stop fabrication shop.


Our specialised team can meet the demands of a diverse array of architectural projects, both commercial and residential.

We endeavour to maintain the same standards for architectural metal work projects that we bring to bear on manufacturing projects,and capture the vision architect. Resulting in products that master the balance between form and function

Whether your require balustrades or stairs, sun shades, security door or containment doors designed to withstand years of heavy use and exposure to the elements, we provide the production and expertise you need. Check out our gallery for the recent architectural matal work images.


Need a reliable team with the know how to keep your machinery tuned up and operational? Work stoppages resulting from breakdowns and malfunctions can be stressful and cause real damage to your bottom line.

Our maintenance and installation team help you minimize productivity loss by repairing wear and tear before it becomes a problem, and getting new equipment installed and operational as quickly as possible.

Don’t risk production delays that disappoint your clients and customers – let our team help take care of your maintenance and installation needs so you can focus on keeping the business running smoothly.


At Turners, we’ve invested heavily in up-to-date equipment. This not only allows us to produce higher-quality work – it allows us to pass on cost savings to our clients, handle a wider scope of work and complete projects on tighter deadlines.

CNC Plasma Cutting – allows us to execute the cutting of complex shapes with accuracy and speed with a wide range of materials up to sizes from 2mm wide and up to 4 metres long.
Our skils and software allows us to draw and develop shapes and patents development complex geometrical shapes. Plazma Cutting can be a more cost effective solution than laser cutting for a list of applications.

CNC Press Brake – unparalleled accuracy in bending in materials from 0.5 mm up to 6 mm thick and to lengths up to 4.2 metres.

Guillotine – with the capacity to cut stainless and mild steel, aluminium up to 6 millimeters thick and 4.1 millimeters long.
No other metal fabrication company in the region can match our length options for CNC Press Brake and Guillotine jobs,
giving us the most comprehensive capacity for handling challenging projects.

Welding – in addition to our complete array of TIG welding equipment, we’ve invested in the next-level Synergic Pulse MIG welders for aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and titanium. Controlled by high tech digital microprocessors that automatically adjust to the type of metal being welded, this equipment allows us to execute cleaner, higher-quality welds on mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and titanium.