Turner Metal Fabrication utilises state-of-the-art technology to deliver the challenging and precise metal fabrication results our clients demand.

Our design staff and expert craftsmen operate according to Turner’s core philosophy: deliver the functionality the client needs as effectively as possible, while avoiding waste, maximising efficiency and keeping costs to a minimum.

The end result is high quality, effective sheet metal fabrication which serves the purpose it’s designed for – no more, no less, with no waste.

With CNC Press Brake and Guillotine machines, we have the capacity and capability to handle diverse projects for a range of businesses in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our investment in industry-leading machinery allows us to carry out a wide range of sheetmetal projects with speed and accuracy.

Our capabilities include:

Our efficiency, experience and economies of scale allow us to deliver better finished products, more reliably and at a lower cost. We’ve designed and built solutions for dairy factories, hospitals, universities, and supermarkets. Our clients include Massey Universtiy, University of Auckland School of Medicine, UCOL, Fletcher Construction, Mainzeal Construction and McMillan & Lockwood.