At Turner Metal Fabrication, we thrive on challenges – we thrive on challenges – we tackle projects with a professional approach.

Our staff are dedicated and committed to delivering on producing quality finished products of the highest standard.

Turner Sheet Metal began over 50 years. Founded in 1947 by George Turner, the ownership torch passed from father to son in 1977 when Stan Turner took the helm. In 1985 Stephen Brown started with Stan Turner as an ambitious young apprentice.

In 1997 Stan and Stephen formed Turner Metal Fabrication and Stephen took over in 2009 and is continuing to develop Turner Metal Fabrication as a trusted industry leader committed to quality, durability and cost-effectiveness, and to delivering a high standard of service and quality products. We maintain traditional high standards of fabrication in the ever-changing modern world.

We look at projects from a profile and bending perspective with a professional approach to design, functionality and manufacture. We advise on the design of products, so we can better deliver the functionality our clients require.